PamperPay secures all your bookings with a deposit or full payment meaning you can guarantee your income & massively reduce no-shows.


PamperPay is a secure payment method & easy for both you & your clients to use.


You are in full control of PamperPay and can toggle on/off how and when you would like the deposits/full payments taken at the click of a button in your app.


Salons: Individual staff members' deposits will be paid straight into their own bank accounts, not a joint salon account.


After a 7 day holding period, all your PamperPay payments will flow into your bank daily. Your clients will be emailed a receipt of their payment along with their booking confirmation.


Once clients pay their deposit to confirm their appointment, their booking will be placed straight into your diary!


PamperPay is an additional £2 per month charge.

Plus a small 6.4% + 20p per transaction fee applies.


Upgrade in your app now & refer back to your welcome pack for a step-by-step guide to setting up PamperPay.


Built-in SMS Deposit Feature

PamperBook's built-in deposit SMS system is completely free and works between you & your clients.


PamperBook will send a text to your clients after booking their appointment with your deposit details. It's then your client's responsibility to pay this deposit into your bank account.


We recommend turning on your bank app notifications to keep track.

You can then confirm the appointment on your app & add a note onto your clients booking to state their deposit has been paid.


If your clients do not send you their deposit you can cancel their pending appointment in your app.


For more information on getting set up, refer back to your welcome pack.